The Rapmaster Processor - Proven Plant Technology

The Rapmaster, an indirectly heated processing plant, is an essential element of the Smart Pave® System  because it produces new hot-mix asphalt primarily or entirely from 100% RAP.  The Rapmaster® processor, tested and proven, was developed for the asphalt industry to allow maximized use of RAP in new HMA production. Differing from other asphalt technologies, which generally only allow 10% to 40% of RAP to be blended into new HMA, this plant technology eliminates any plant limitations experienced in asphalt recycling.

Rapmaster Process

How the Rapmaster Processor Works

The Rapmaster has no reliance on super heated virgin aggregate as the heat transfer medium to the cold RAP.  The Rapmaster heat transfer system isolates all hot combustion gases and heats the RAP material, along with any virgin aggregate additives, through convection, conduction and radiation heat methods.  This distinct difference opens the door to allow maximized RAP percentages in asphalt production without any inhibiting heat transfer factors associated with other batch or drum-mix plants.  The Rapmaster also has the ability to produce 100% recycled Warm Mix asphalt.

Operated as an independent plant, the Rapmaster has the ability to produce new specification grade HMA containing up to 100% RAP which can then be paved directly as a finished product, back onto the roadbed.  Alternatively, the Rapmaster can be arranged for operation in tandem with an existing plant.  Set-up in this manner, any percentage of RAP can be blended with any percentage of virgin materials allowing unlimited mix designs.  The Rapmaster proven methodology processes all RAP materials -- both fine and course and any virgin aggregate additives that may be required to produce a particular HMA specification.

If material originates from a consistent known source, lump crushing and screening/fractionating costs can be significantly reduced or eliminated with the Rapmaster heating-processing system as it has the ability to accept up to 4” diameter RAP chunks.   Incoming RAP feed material is gently reduced to its original properties while being steadily heated.  We call this exclusive ability "thermal impact sizing". Once the material is fully blended into a homogenous mix mass and desired temperature attained, the heated RAP is discharged into the post mixer pug mill.  Here a very small percentage of asphalt rejuvenator is thoroughly mixed and blended into the new HMA before being discharged.  The HMA output is then conveyed to a dedicated storage silo.

Rapmaster Processor

Rapmaster Features

  • Processes up to 100% RAP into new HMA
  • Meets all current state and federal clean air emission standards without the need of a high maintenance baghouse
  • Final exhaust is crystal clear
  • Production rates up to 350 tons per hour



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