Introducing the SMART PAVE System

A 100% Pavement Reclamation Program for Future Roadway Maintenance Plans

Green PerspectiveDefining Green Technology

The Smart Pave System focuses on producing high-quality Sustainable Pavements, using environmentally Green methods to realize the Maximum Economic Potential of reclaimed asphalt recycling. 

Addressing the inert totally recyclable composition of asphalt millings, The Smart Pave System recaptures all of the quality aggregates and binder and uses them as the primary ingredients in producing new hot-mix asphalt (HMA).  Costly virgin additives play a very minor secondary role and are introduced only if needed to adjust the mix to particular specification requirement.  Using RAP for anything other than being processed into new HMA  mutes a huge economic potential. 

Positive Findings in New HMA Produced Primarily From 100% RAP

Independent laboratory analyses of 100% RAP samples taken from known sources reveals very positive results.  Milled RAP from a known source without further crushing and blended with a very small percentage of rejuvenator agent, then slowly heated to full temperature (325°F), can produce new HMA of “equal to or better” quality than new virgin HMA of the same specification.  This is not surprising when you consider the fact that the aggregates do not deteriorate and the only minor physical change the asphalt pavement experiences over time is surface oxidation of the liquid binder.  Liquid rejuvenator agent easily replenishes any deficiencies.  Another interesting consideration is that it is common for RAP millings from older asphalt pavements to be comprised of liquid binder of better quality than most PG grades available today. Field results have shown that HMA derived from 100% RAP, paved side-by-side to HMA produced primarily with virgin ingredients on roadways with steady traffic volume, actually performs as good as or better than the HMA  comprised primarily of virgin ingredients. 

RAP StockpilesAnalyze Your RAP Inventory

With proven technology available to process 100% RAP into new HMA, we challenge you to analyze your RAP stockpile, after it has been uniformly processed into a consistent blend and compare it to local specifications. You will most likely find that your material is within specification bands or very close, requiring minimal mixture adjustment.  It is commonly found that a processed RAP stockpile or milled RAP from a known source is more consistent than virgin aggregate supplied from a quarry. As part of the asphalt lab testing, a very small increment of liquid rejuvenator agent should be thoroughly blended in prior to heating the RAP sample.   The percentage of rejuvenator required in the mix would be determined by desired PG grade equivalent and by trial test results of your RAP. The lab heating will simulate the heating and blending as processed through the Rapmaster processor used in the Smart Pave System.